Vermont Archives Month 2022: Communication

Each year in October we celebrate Archives Month to highlight the importance of archives and the work of archivists. One hundred years ago, the University of Vermont launched the state’s first radio station, which eventually became WCAX, TV channel 3. In honor of this milestone, the theme for Vermont Archives Month this October will be communication, showcasing the myriad ways people have conveyed information to each other.

We invite you to share an historical record from your personal or institutional collection that somehow touches on the theme of communication. Send a good quality digital image of it, along with a basic description and an explanation of how it relates to the theme, to for a chance to be featured in a statewide virtual exhibit on this site at the end of October. 

And if you are involved with an historical records repository, please share any events or activities you have planned for October so we can help promote them.  Programs do not have to be explicitly tied to the theme to be included, but think about showcasing materials that demonstrate how we share information with others.  Let’s explore the ways in which we communicate, and how they have changed — and perhaps stayed the same.  Add your event to our calendar or email the details to and we will add it for you.

Happy Archives Month!