Thank You for a Great Archives Month!

This year’s Archives Month is a wrap, and we’ve had a month full of activities and blog posts to commemorate the voices of Vermont’s past and the importance of records with enduring historical value. But you don’t have to wait until next October to engage with Vermont’s archival institutions! Throughout the year, look to your local historical societies and research institutions to see what they’re highlighting and working on. Check out some online archives such as the Green Mountain Digital Archive or Vermont’s various music archives. And search for #vtarchives on your favorite social media platforms to see what’s happening in the Vermont archival world! 

The 2020 Archives Month Committee thanks you for your participation this year, and looks forward to gathering together again in 2021. 

Sally Blanchard-O’Brien
Prudence Doherty
Mary Ide
Beth Kanell
Gary Shattuck 

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